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Conference Lean Six Sigma 2021

conference lean six sigma

Conference Lean Six Sigma 2021

Conference Lean Six Sigma 2021 was held in Cambridge on the 6th, 7th and 8th Oktober. This conference is organised by International Lean Six Sigma Institute, ILSSI. ILSSI is the world’s number one institute on Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.

On this conference leading practioners and scholars meet to talk about the latest insights on Lean Six Sigma. As 5ST3PS we participated on this global leading conference and our Master Black Belt Willem Salentijn presented the proceedings on his research with Professor Jiju Antony at VU University Amsterdam.

Earlier publications were:

Exploring the dark side of Lean: a systematic review of the lean factors that influence social outcomes

The application of measures of lean production for services

Conference Lean Six Sigma New Insights

In this conference participants got new insights on how Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence interrelate. Further the impact of Industry 4.0. on Lean Six Sigma. There were interesting discussions on the organisational road blocks when implementing Lean. In conclusion an expert panel answered questions.

Summarizing as presented in this conference, Lean Six Sigma increases business outcomes. And it enables the implementation of new technologies.

Special guest appearances were made by Daniel T. Jones, author of Lean Thinking and Professor Bob Emiliani.

The kick-off at the first day was done by Willem Salentijn, Master Black Belt at 5ST3PS and researcher at VU University.

Willem does his research to get better understanding on how to increase the success of implementing Lean Six Sigma. These insights are applied in the courses of 5ST3PS, giving practioners the latest insights.  His research is done in an international team under supervision of Professor Jiju Antony.

Soft Factors influencing Hard Outcomes

In an energizing kick off the proceedings on the research were shared. Main findings are that Lean factors are interrelated. How could you apply these findings in continuous improvement? As a practioner you can adapt your deployment strategy to these factors. As a result you will increase Lean success.

In our courses for the Green Belt and Black Belt this knowledge is directly applied, giving you the lastest insights and tools.

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At 5ST3PS we have one foot in science and one foot in practice. This enables us to combine the knowledge of both worlds and use it in our courses. On this page we share some papers to share our scientific knowledge.

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